About Us


(2000-to present) excerpt

The event that has come to be known as Soka in Moka, has risen to fame over the passing years. Indeed, it marks the official beginning of the ‘’carnival fete season’’, and is held on the first Sunday of the official carnival calendar. The event is hosted on the tennis and basketball courts of our college, Trinity College Moka Maraval, located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Northern Range. As a matter of fact, our fete patrons often remind us of how much they look forward to being in such a beautiful, forested environment, and express their delight at gazing up at our college , located on the side of the mountain, while they are enjoying themselves on the courts. Many often mention the beautiful ambience that is created as night falls and the many coloured lights from the fete, illuminate the immediate environs. Some say it’s a sight that is definitely unmatched. “Kudos” like this did not happen by chance.

Sixteen years have gone by since our first fete. The theme for our last fete was “sweet sixteen”, and we pulled out all stops to ensure that our patrons did have a fantastic time, showering them with more giveaways than usual, and celebrating our sixteenth year with champagne from our premium bars.
Our success has evolved because of long, consistent hours of work. Our committee consists of a handful of us, recently it became nine, having lost two of our dedicated members, Norris in 2012 and Peter this year.
This is a purely voluntary organization, and we have recently enrolled as and NGO. The committee meets at least once per month, but as the time draws near to our event we meet more often, to ensure that we are able to continue to host an event that is of a particularly high quality. For us value for money is an important consideration. It must be noted here that in order to continue to host an event of this magnitude and quality, the committee has to meet a phenomenal expenditure, in order to create an atmosphere that will continue to meet this high quality or standard. This we feel is one of our greatest strengths. One must understand that unlike other school fetes, we have to create ‘a fete environment’ from our basketball courts which have no facilities. It reminds me of the ‘’Cinderella story’’.

The goal for all of us remains the same and that is to continue to support and assist the development of our college, so that it will continue to evolve into one of our top educational institutions in Trinidad and Tobago.
May I take this opportunity here to express my deepest appreciation and to our committee. We have grown to become a caring family that works consistently and tirelessly for the development of our college. These successful years would not have been possible without you all.
Thank You All

Janice Richards
Chairperson Soka in Moka
1st August 2015.