Projects, Past and Present

From its inception, this event, Soka in Moka was aimed solely at assisting the development of the college. We continue to maintain this purpose. Throughout the years, through the funding from Soka in Moka we have achieved what some may have considered rather ambitious goals.


In the area of infrastructure, we have fenced the basket ball/tennis courts, installed gates, paved the walkways of the upper and lower fields, built the staircase to connect the courts to the upper level, installed railings   and grills for improved safety, refurbished the staff and office bathrooms, refurbished the office reception area, created a lounge area for staff, refurbished partitions for the  sixth form, the creation of an office for the Student Support Officer.

ICT Development

We have purchase and installed computers for the lab, as well as for the principal, vice principal, secretary as well as the Deans .Multimedia equipment were purchased and installed in the first, second and sixth form floors .Over 16 to 18 security cameras were purchased and installed to improve the school security. A new PA system was installed throughout the college; we purchased 50 desks and chairs for the sixth form classes, and installed overhead fans in each of these rooms. Funding was also given to create an Administrative database which has been successfully used, so that it is now possible to post notices as well as student reports to the Trinity community via this system. 

Sport Development

In keeping to our vision and mission of our college to develop well rounded students, we readily funded areas for sport development, and has been a financial support to our football teams. In addition we helped to fund the buyout of the boat from BAHS which made it possible to own our own dragon boat, as we continued to be champions in this area.

Emergency Funding

There were of course situations which demanded emergency funding. For example, the purchase and installation of two water tanks on court area, as well as on the upper level of the college. Also, In keeping with OSHA regulations we funded the transport for removing chemicals from the college, as well as removal of discarded materials, namely those made from iron and steel, to create a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

Foundation News